Pretty Good Friends Records

Record label logo and album art for Pretty Good Friends, a comedy company founded by Julie Clem and Eugene Mirman that produces television, film, podcasts, and more.

Logo: Pretty Good Friends Records

Album art:

Solider for Christ
Comedy album, Bobcat Goldthwait

How Do You Lie to Your Child About Santa 
Single featuring Lucy Wainwright Roche and Eugene Mirman  

Parenting is a Joke
Podcast with Ophira Eisenberg (Podcast branding and merchandise)

A Close Shave with Heaven
Derrick Brown

A Very Special Woman
Comedy album, Maeve Higgins

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Rachel currently works at the Harvard Kennedy School, and worked previously as a designer at Fathom. She loves making things, particularly at the intersection of motion graphics, branding, and information design.  

Rachel holds a MFA from RISD in graphic design, and has taught classes and served as a visiting lecturer / guest critic at design programs around New England.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Amazon, General Electric, the Yale School of Drama, iHeartRadio, The Village Voice, Chicago Magazine, St. Louis Magazine, and the Girl Scouts.