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I’ve always been fascinated by the range in budgets among oscar nominees, and started a series of data visualizations comparing different aspects of the nominated films. 

I built an interactive sketch comparing details of the Best Picture winner against that year’s highest grossing film. The Return of the King is the only instance in the past two decades where the top-grossing film of the year also won Best Picture; much more often the comparisons look something like this: many accolades and modest returns for the Best Picture Winner (in this case, Moonlight) while a massive box office hit gathers far less critical acclaim.

For several years running, I charted the films’ respective budgets (represented by the central blue circle) orbited by a ring of Academy Award nominations and wins.

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Rachel currently works at the Harvard Kennedy School, and worked previously as a designer at Fathom. She loves making things, particularly at the intersection of motion graphics, branding, and information design.  

Rachel holds a MFA from RISD in graphic design, and has taught classes and served as a visiting lecturer / guest critic at design programs around New England.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Amazon, General Electric, the Yale School of Drama, iHeartRadio, The Village Voice, Chicago Magazine, St. Louis Magazine, and the Girl Scouts.