How Do You Know
Teaser Animation
Art direction and animation of the trailer for How Do You Know, a documentary in progress by Alex Geller. The film explores marriage, and the social, legislative, economic, and personal forces that drive people to—or away from—formalizing intimate partnerships through the state. Between the first same-sex couple to obtain a marriage license in the U.S., to an interracial couple who wed overseas due to anti-miscegenation laws in their home state, the documentary weaves personal stories with commentary from pertinent economists, policy-makers, historians, writers, and academics. Watch the trailer.

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Rachel currently works at the Harvard Kennedy School, and worked previously as a designer at Fathom. She loves making things, particularly at the intersection of motion graphics, branding, and information design.  

Rachel holds a MFA from RISD in graphic design, and has taught classes and served as a visiting lecturer / guest critic at design programs around New England.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Amazon, General Electric, the Yale School of Drama, iHeartRadio, The Village Voice, Chicago Magazine, St. Louis Magazine, and the Girl Scouts.