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Animated Infographics
Enterprise is a nonprofit that provides access to affordable housing. My team at Fathom worked with researchers to build a set of tools that explore some of the data they had collected on opportunity within different census tracts around the country. The visualizations examine different facets of opportunity at the neighborhood level, and explore how varied strengths and weaknesses are linked to larger city and state-wide issues of housing affordability.

Social media animation: place matters.

I developed a visual language to illustrate the various neighborhood data points being measured, such as housing affordability, environmental quality, and access to transportation.


Enterprise was able to measure granular, neighborhood-level data on the different advantages and struggles different parts of the country faced. I designed this prototype for a data visualization where you could search by location to explore the different metrics of communities across the country.

I developed a series of social media graphics detailing how different metrics such as housing affordability are defined.

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Rachel holds a MFA from RISD in graphic design. She has also taught graphic design at MassArt and has been a visiting critic at Boston University, Wesleyan, Northeastern, and Washington University in St. Louis. She currently works for the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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